Make sure the world sees the best of you

Full Project Ownership


We offer a full quality assurance solution, from testplan creation to entire department workforce and resource management, through bug entry in your project or issue tracking management system (JIRA, Bugzilla, etc.)


In addition to these essential services in project development, we extend our services to :


  • Documentation and tutorials production
  • Corporate and onsite training
  • Call center services


More than a consultant: a quality partner!


A partnership with QA Techni-Arts results in :


  • Access to a QA department molded to your needs, flexible and versatile
  • Reduced production and development time, resulting in faster delivery and sales cycle startup
  • Maximized financial and human resources
  • The advantage of a multilateral capacity for analysis and a broader vision
  • More than a decade in quality assurance
  • Counting on a team of competent advisors
  • Confronting your project to a critical and experienced partner
  • Making sure your project shines to its full potential



Simultaneous Mockup and Development Testing


It is particularly cost effective to conduct mockup development and testing in parallel. In that way, you will have:


  • Additional monitoring of the development team's progresses 
  • Increased opportunities to avoid risk of any malfunction
  • Validation that the product exactly meets your specifications and market requirements from the very beginning.
  • The ability to spot the discrepancies on the go and not after completing the project
  • Increased quality in the final product
  • Reduced project time span


Functional and Regression Testing



  • Your application will function accurately from the end-user perspective.
  • It will work as per specifications across multiple platforms, browsers and technologies.
  • You will be aware of the functional errors and their root causes.
  • Your application will be affected by new enhancements on the existing functionality.
  • The functionality of your application will meet the release requirements.



Technical Testing (performance and load)



  • You will be able to predict and take measures in case of a load increase resulting in application resources expansion.
  • Your application will run smoothly, fast, error- and collapse-free. Its excellent performance will retain your present customers and draw more new ones.
  • Your business will be protected against data theft and loss.
  • You will get early defect detection, debugging and fixing even at the implementation stage.
  • Faultless work of your software, website or application functionality will strengthen your reputation as of a reliable partner